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Greetings from Santa Cruz

I'm in Santa Cruz this weekend, attending the OpenSolaris Developer Summit. It's on the campus of University of California in Santa Cruz in a lecture hall.

OpenSolaris is a project which is the result of Sun taking its Operating System (it's version of Unix), releasing the source code publically, and working to attract developers from outside of Sun to use it and make it better. (ie, it's free like Linux, but debateably, it's better than Linux).

This Summit is being held on the weekend specifically to attract people who don't work for Sun or for a company that works on Solaris, and can contribute.

I think it's a pain. Had this not been on a weekend, I could have gotten a lot more of my staff to attend, but it's hard for me to force my staff to come particularly when they have kids and expectations.

I flew in last night around 6PM into San Jose, expecting to creap slowly over the hill to the ocean.

What I wasn't prepared for was the creap became a stop.

This is because yesterday, the bay area got the first major rain since May. This equals flooding and traffic accidents. I was litterally stopped and parked for about an hour, making room for emergency equipment.

I finally got to the hotel around 8:30, and started hobnobbing with those fans who love OpenSolaris so much that they were willing to give up a weekend to come. It seemed like about half were *not* from Sun, and a significant number came from overseas.

The weather this morning is amazing - cool but full sun, little wind. The sampus of UCSC is gorgeous woody forested etc.

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