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The Reunion

I was honestly a little worried. My memories of high school are really great. But when my class’s reunion committee reached out to me, I started paging through my year book, and started feeling a little anxious.

Realize I didn't hang out much with the “cool kids”. I had lost track of my closest friends over time, so it would have been good to see them. At the last reunion I went to, it didn't seem like they were there. So how would this one be?

Take a breath, dive in, who knows?

Well, the reunion event was terrific! The venues, food, and entertainment were great. I was able to break out the old tuxedo for the dinner party, and even able to sit at the table of some of the cool kids for dinner.

Some of the highlights, for the old memory book:

  • About the first person I saw at the Friday evening gathering was Mr. McGregor the well-loved vocal teacher. “Why didn’t you do more music?” he said to me. (Gee, that was what he wrote in my yearbook too).

  • It was a lot of fun to see how the years have dealt with people I once knew well, and some I have known since third grade.

  • We’re sure a lot nicer to each other than we were in high school.

  • I must have had a different high school experience from some. People were reminiscing fondly about the keggers they had, sneaking off campus to Burger King and Winchell’s Donuts, breaking into the school for an all night party. OK, well, let’s just say I didn’t experience any of that!

  • At the dinner party, I sat at a table with a very nice group of people who were probably the ones who were there that I knew the best. Sweet people!

  • Our senior class president, Lori Feiner, found her handwritten commencement address in her basement. She reread it for us after dinner. Interesting reflections on our dreams and how we would reflect back on our high school days in the future.

  • Curtis Hannum, another class alumn, gave a great stand-up routine. Referenced a lot of the people and memories of our class.

  • Food - Terrific, great selection and quality. The Hyatt DTC did a great job.

More photos from my Flickr site.

Reunion dinner

The venue for the dinner, the atrium lobby of the Hyatt.

Reunion dinner

Some of the ladies from my class who I had dinner with - Cindy Levin, Suzanne Abosch Wiesen (our school valedictorian), Annie Aspenwall Harrier.

Reunion dinner

More folks at my table - Jeff Hirshfield, Gary Eisenstat, Cheryl Aiken Shoemaker.

Reunion - Slavens Elementary Alums

A few of us also attended Slavens Elementary School together. Back row, left to right: Annie Aspenwall, me, Jay Shoemaker, Cindy Levin, Shawn Flora, Rusty Martz, Shaun Baker. Front row left to right: Jeff Hirshfeld, Suzanne Abosch, Robin Bailis.

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